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Vincenzo Tritto
Vice President:
Valeria Pecere

The Association of Tutori MSNA Puglia OdV was established on 23 Marzo 2024, during a meeting held at the “Casa delle Culture di Bari”.

In 2023, the process began that put us on the net. Thanks to the national link provided by Tutori in Rete, contacts of groups of Apulian tutors from places even distant from each other have begun to communicate and collaborate with the aim of collecting the common needs and starting the drafting of the Statute of the association. This process involved the formation of dedicated working groups and we created a unified discussion table open to all interested guardians in order to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences, and to promote the continuous improvement of the role of the tutor.

In the course of their volunteer service, tutors often face a number of challenges and obstacles that limit their access to services and opportunities.The association aims to be an authoritative reference point for tutors, encouraging the exchange of solutions and good practices, and for institutions, facilitating the administrative processes that tutors meet during their commitment.

Thanks to Tutori in Rete for the valuable ideas and material for the organization of the whole process!