Address: Catania

Renata Governali

The Tutori Catania Group was born in 2019 from the aggregation of guardians of unaccompanied minors, around a training proposal in the framework of the Strengthening Guardianship System project implemented by the CIR with the support of UNHCR.
The project operators, together with a Unicef operator, created a process of discussion and comparison on the experiences that each guardian was having. Around 30 peer-to-peer meetings have taken place, some in person and some online, starting from 2020. The peer-to-peer training method, always supported by a facilitator, has allowed the acquisition of skills and the creation of relationships that have given life to a chat which, over time, has been enriched with new participants and new opportunities. The operators of the CIR, UNHCR and Unicef have, with their constant presence, allowed doubts to be resolved and given opportunities to solve the problems that the guardians have encountered along the way.
Some members of the group participated in the social guardians project, which took place between 2020 and 2021, which involved an interesting training activity and the creation of two forms, one for the selection of the guardians and the other for the selection of the boy. There were other training activities still within the Social Protection pilot project such as the path with the ethno-psychologists of the PENC Center and the 5 thematic meetings managed by the CIR with the participation of local professionals. The group is very varied and full of field experience and professional skills.