Tiziana Colasanti

The “Tutori Como” group is a completely informal group, which began operating since 2018, acting as a meeting point, mutual knowledge, comparison, coordination and self-help of the guardians of the Province of Como and neighboring municipalities relating to the Services Social bodies of the Municipality of Como. The objective is to optimize our activity and relationships with institutions and operators who in various capacities deal with unaccompanied minors in our territory. Over the years, the group has promoted various training initiatives at a local level, making use of accredited professionals (ASGI lawyers, ethnopsychiatrists, expert psychotherapists in the sector, law enforcement…). Tutori Como is part of the Porto Sicuro Network, which brings together various voluntary associations that work locally in favor of migrants in various capacities. Spokesperson and contact person for the group is Tiziana Colasanti. Given the completely informal nature of the group there is no specific registration. Some people have remained constant over time, others have alternated depending on the circumstances, always finding discussion and support.