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Paola Mastellari

We are a group of volunteer guardians for unaccompanied foreign minors representing various provinces of Emilia Romagna.
The group was formed spontaneously with the aim of sharing experiences, problems, expectations and projects in order to contribute to the improvement of the reception, protection and integration system of young migrants.
In 2021 we conducted a survey on the state of the art of voluntary protection in our region in order to highlight the positive aspects, the critical issues and formulate proposals for improvement.
The data that emerged were brought to the attention of the Guarantor for Children and Adolescents with whom a fruitful collaboration and networking was started with the representatives of the services responsible for receiving unaccompanied minors in Emilia-Romagna.
We meet online on a monthly basis: all guardians registered in the regional list of Guardians are invited to participate in the meetings.
The group is also open to participation, support and contributions from those who wish to share our goals and objectives.

Aims and goals of the Group

– Collaborate with the Guarantor for Children and Adolescents, with the President of the Juvenile Court of the Emilia-Romagna Region and with all local institutional entities that deal with minors
– Participate in working groups and institutional tables dedicated to the reception, protection and integration of minors
– Support protections through comparison and exchange of good organizational and operational practices
– Identify the training needs of guardians
– Promote continuous training and field training of volunteer guardians
– Perform a monitoring function on the progress of voluntary protection
– Promote programs to support the independence of young people who leave protection services after turning 18 and encourage the realization of their life project
– Promote cultural and social initiatives to raise awareness on the issues of minors and newly adults.