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Rossella Guiot – Tel. 345 5313644

Together in the journey (InV) is a group of guardians appointed by the Juvenile Courts in the Lombardy region. Many of the guardians who join it have already known each other since 2018, thanks to the meeting of the training groups of volunteer guardians organized by the Region following L.47/2017 which defined the figure of MSNA. InV’s guardians are driven by an interest in migrant minors, so that they feel welcomed and can carry out the project for which they began their journey. The guardians of Insieme Nel Viaggio engage in full and constructive dialogue with all the actors in the reception network. The objective of the volunteer guardians is in fact to accompany migrant minors in their process of reception, integration and achievement of economic and social autonomy.

Together with the kids, to help them develop their life project.

Together with the institutions, to create a denser network of collaborations.

Together between volunteer guardians to increase awareness of our role, share knowledge and be a guide for each other.

For some, traveling is a choice. For many it is still a necessity. Among them, even the little ones.