Address: Viale Boccetta n. 15, Messina
Facebook: /Tutrici e Tutori Volontari Msna Messina APS


The MSNA Messina Association of Volunteer Tutors and Tutors operates in the following specific areas of intervention:

  • share and implement activities concerning unaccompanied foreign minors present in the association’s reference territory;
  • represent the needs and requests of UASCs at public and private bodies;
  • provide training and information for the benefit of migrant, vulnerable and disadvantaged people, with particular attention to minors;
  • promote adequate levels of legal and social-health assistance;
  • promote information, updating and collaboration in training for guardians.

The association has among its aims the recognition of the figure of the social guardian, i.e. the person who voluntarily decides to follow and accompany the former UASC in the years immediately following adulthood, to strengthen the path of socio-cultural and legal integration.