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Sandra Abbondandolo
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Daniela Cordoni

The Objective Fanciullo ODV association was established by a group of people active in the world of volunteering dedicated to the protection and support of childhood and adolescence.
We aim to carry out projects and activities with civic, solidarity and socially useful purposes in favor of third parties and making prevalent use of the services of associated volunteers.
We want to promote and spread the culture and practice of volunteering, the reception and integration of migrant minors by developing the concept of active citizenship.
Among the main activities that we want to pursue, we wish to underline the promotion and protection of human, civil, social and political rights through reception and social integration aimed at Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MSNA), former UASC and Unaccompanied Minors ( MNA). The right of minors to a standard of living sufficient to allow their physical, spiritual, moral and social development in accordance with the 1989 Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents.
The ODV Objective Fanciullo is regularly registered with the Revenue Agency, tax code 96523600581 and registered in the Single National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS) number. 33609, electronic register established at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies in implementation of the articles. 45 et seq. of the Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree 3 July 2017, n. 117), to ensure full transparency of Third Sector entities (ETS) through the publicity of the information elements registered therein. Registration with RUNTS allows you to acquire the qualification of Third Sector Organization (ETS) or, depending on the case, the specific qualifications of Volunteer Organization (ODV), Social Promotion Association (APS), Philanthropic Institution, Association Network; to benefit from benefits, including of a fiscal nature, to access the 5 per thousand and for specific types of ETS to public contributions or to stipulate agreements with public administrations; in the foreseen cases to acquire legal personality. Bodies not registered with RUNTS cannot use the name Third Sector Organization or specific ones.
The Association is in contact with the institutions and bodies that deal with the issue of migrant minors, with the aim of building a positive dialogue and establishing working groups at all institutional levels.
In constant contact with the signatory of law 47/2017, Hon. Sandra Zampa, meritorious member of the association.