Address: via Solari 30, 20144 Milano

Bruno Resmini
Ph.: 320 033 8416

Lombardy Guardians for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors odv is the first association of voluntary guardians for unaccompanied foreign minors existing in Lombardy.
It was established in January 2022, but represents the natural evolution of over three years of spontaneous contacts and various aggregative experiments between Milanese tutors, starting from the Tutori Milano group whose logo it inherited, gradually extended to Lombard tutors.
The association is open to any guardian registered in the lists of the juvenile courts of Milan and Brescia and aims to encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas between the associated guardians for whom it acts as spokesperson at local bodies and institutions, promote local actions and initiatives to contribute to the improvement of the reception and interaction conditions of young minors and newly adult foreigners in Lombardy.
The association’s mission is summarized on the online site, where guardians can find news, documents and help when they find themselves in difficulty of any kind. Through the Help desk you can get answers or consult in case of doubt.