Address: Via Ravenna, 52 – 44124 Ferrara
Facebook: tutorineltempo

Marzia Marchi (president)

Founded in 2016 by the first volunteer guardians trained in Ferrara, then grown in the following years thanks to the contribution of voluntary guardians for unaccompanied foreign minors trained pursuant to Law 47/2017, Tutori nel Tempo (now a voluntary organization registered in the RUNTS ) is the reference association for the voluntary protection of the Ferrara area.
It carries out support activities for guardians involved in the protection of unaccompanied minors or in assisting newly-adults, encouraging discussion, the exchange of experiences and continuous training. It then becomes the bearer of common requests.
Tutori nel Tempo also collaborates with local and regional institutions, with the network of local services and with other associations; promotes autonomy support projects for newly adult care leavers; organizes and participates in initiatives for the promotion of voluntary guardianship and other forms of social parenting and support of minors and newly adults, as well as the culture of welcome and integration in general.