Address: Via Piceno, 5 – 09127 Cagliari
C.F.: 92268080923

Presidente: Pasquale Alfano (tel. 338-5227008)
Vice Presidente: Adriana Cappai

In December 2021, the Sardinian Association of Volunteer Guardians for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MSNA) was established in Cagliari.
The association, which operates at a regional level, was established with the aim of creating a network between guardians of foreign minors and to assist institutions and sector operators to improve the quality of services provided to unaccompanied minors. In accordance with the provisions of current legislation, it has taken the form of a Volunteer Organization (ODV).
The Association was born from the will of a group of voluntary guardians who, thanks to the experiences gained over the years with the various protections of minors, decided to give life to this new Third Sector body following the introduction of the figure of the voluntary guardian established by Law 47/2017 (Zampa Law).
It does not pursue profit-making purposes and intends to promote the protection of the rights of unaccompanied foreign minors and former unaccompanied foreign minors, encouraging their growth, autonomy and integration into the Sardinian and Italian social fabric.
The newly formed Sardinian association is also part of the national network of associations with the same objective and adheres to the training and project development initiatives of “Tutori in Rete”.