Address: Piazza della Repubblica 17, Torino

Carlo Michele Olivero

How can we help each other, how can we encourage discussion and with which tools can we facilitate the daily commitment of the voluntary guardians of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta? It is with these first and urgent objectives that we established ourselves as a social promotion association in September 2021: to promote information and collaboration and provide support to members through actions and projects relating to the humanitarian reception and social integration of unaccompanied foreign minors. There were 9 of us, all of whom we met during the training course to become tutors. The friendship grew over time as mutual help until it transformed into the desire to be help and support for others too: today we are 60 members of the association, all animated by the same spirit that led to the establishment of the association.
An expression of social responsibility and active citizenship, the activity of volunteer guardians requires diversified and continuously updated skills, to which the association intends to provide answers thanks to the experiences of individuals which thus become common and shared heritage. The association wants to be a primary reference for those who are committed every day to facing not only their institutional tasks (in the legal, healthcare, scholastic, professional fields…), but also the more daily and personal ones that arise from time to time in the relationship with minors and institutions. The association promotes periodic meetings, specific projects, exchange and sharing activities, legal support, and undertakes to represent the needs and requests of minors and of the association with public and private bodies, also enhancing collaboration with local bodies, institutions , community and all those responsible for reception.