The Protection Path

The unaccompanied foreign minor

Unaccompanied Foreign Minor (UFM) means the “minor not having Italian or European Union citizenship who is for any reason in the territory of the State or who is otherwise subject to Italian jurisdiction, without assistance and representation from the parents or other adults legally responsible for him according to the laws in force in the Italian law” (art. 2 l. 47/2017).

AGIA, the Guarantor Authority for Children and Adolescents, has dedicated a website to the voluntary protection of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors which provides all the information useful for becoming a guardian, as well as materials, documents and legal references.

The volunteer guardian

Volunteer guardians are private citizens available to exercise the legal representation of a foreign minor who has arrived in Italy without a reference adult.
You must be 25 years old, enjoy civil and political rights and have no criminal proceedings pending.
The aspiring guardian must participate in one of the local guarantor tenders in order to take the training course required by law. Eligibility to become a guardian is based on a series of guidelines.
The available guardians are included in a special list at the Juvenile Courts (TM). The judge appoints a guardian from this list for each minor.

The path of the Unaccompanied Foreign Minor

The graphic scheme shows the significant steps in the reception system for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors.
In each sheet of the rete dei gruppi di tutori you will find the map of the subjects who deal with these services.